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  • Skinny laMinx Flower Fields Penny Black Chair

    Old friends + facelifts

    A few weeks back, I wrote about our first three colour print, which made me remember how exciting it was, way back in 2011, when I made our first two-colour print, Flower Fields. Of course, Flower Fields is still a firm favourite, so when we were revising the Fabric Book recently, we thought it might enjoy a bit of a …

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  • Hammock

    Keep your eye on the hammock

    Can you spot the Flower Fields cushion in this Gardena ad? What a nice surprise! (Thanks so much to Anja for sending this through).

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  • Flower Fields

    Maybe I shouldn’t point it out, as I don’t know if anyone’s actually noticed, but so far every single one of my fabrics so far has been printed in just a single colour. However, that’s all changed now, with my brand new design called Flower Fields. It’s got two (count them, TWO!) colours in each …

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