Paul’s solo exhibition, Pitch, is at RH Gallery in New York until the end of the month. In case you’re unable to visit it yourself, watch him do a bit of a walkabout on YouTube, where he talks about his work:


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  1. beautiful succinct work, succinct communication – love Paul’s commentary- he just cuts to the chase about his work without any affectation or concern about how he projects himself as “an artist” I miss South African interaction – wow

  2. Wow !! so very interesting – Paul’s drawings are amazing & it’s always so insightful to hear an artist talk about his or her work. Thanks for posting this. A huge fan of you both ! cheers, Susan from far away Nova Scotia

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Susan. I enjoyed taking a look at your blog, seeing your beautiful photos, lovely drawings, and gorgeous kitty too.
      xx Heather

  3. I really enjoyed that!
    paul’s work is pretty amazing
    it’s great to hear more about his thought process
    I wish I was able to see it in person

    • I enjoyed it too! I discovered the video online by chance and it was so nice for me to hear Paul talk so clearly about his work. It’s always great to see your partner in their “professional” capacity, isn’t it?
      Congrats again on your Etsy profile this week. I loved reading that and was pleased to see so many comments left for you guys!

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