“Squam is a lake, a gathering, a community”… and later this year, I’m going to be part of it! Yup, crafty folks, I’m going to Squam!!

I can hardly believe it’s true, but come September this year, I’ll be heading off for New Hampshire to teach at the Fall Squam Art Workshop. I’ll be teaching a couple of full day courses in very simple screenprinting, using the most basic of tools. I’ll be teaching alongside a wonderful lineof of super-talented people, with a lot of awesome to share.

See more about my workshop right here , and if it sounds like your kind of thing, sign up here. Can’t wait to meet everyone at Squam!


  1. Hello Heather
    This looks super exciting, only problem it’s across the pond from the UK :0) Something I am sure you are really looking forward to!
    ps. Thanks for sharing your Pinterest page, I spotted a cardigan which has a free pattern on Ravelry.com which i am now inspired to knit. I love a grey and mustard combination xx

  2. Ooh, am most impressed with your mad knitting skillz. I love Pinterest, but find it promotes too much gawking and not enough doing (in my case, anyway).
    x Heather

  3. Congrats Heather – it sounds very exciting and rewarding. wonderful happenings just keep on rolling in.

  4. Hi Heather –
    What a coincidence…I was just looking at the Squam calendar yesterday. Sadly, I concluded I couldn’t make it this year because of prior travel commitments. Now it is double bummer, because I am going to miss you.
    How fun for you! Those ladies are just amazing at getting the best instructors. You are going to have a blast.
    Kudos to you!
    Mary Jo in Minnesota

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