The space above my shop/studio has been vacated, and the landlord has kindly been letting me use it for taking photos of all my new fabrics. The light is just amazing!

It may be heading towards Autumn here in Cape Town, but things came out distinctly Springy in my pics of the new Solid Orla cushions, now available in Strawberry and Plum too.  (SA shoppers, visit my online store at

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  1. You know why the photos came out looking so springy? It’s that pink!!! I’ve never been a big lover of pink either but good for you for embracing it! I think it’s lovely 🙂

  2. I’m in love with everything you make! Just ordered another cushion cover from you this week (i can only order one at a time as Norway is sooooo strict about bringing in anything over 200kroner-your cushions come in just under!) yippee!

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