I’ve spent the last couple of days getting my new space studio all kitted out with desks and work surfaces so that I can get up there and leave more space in the workroom. All this hammering and sawing has motivated me to tackle some long-neglected tasks, like my beautiful lasercut steel Skinny laMinx Eep! sign, now finally hung between the workroom and the shop.

It’s a good way to end a week that has had its challenges.


PS: For any of you who know Paul, I’d like to let you know that his dad passed away late on Wednesday night. It’s a very sad time for the whole Edmunds family, as well as for all the friends that Bruce made during his long and vigorous life.

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  1. Condolences to Paul and all of you Heather. So very hard loosing a parent. Lots of love x x x

  2. Dear Heather
    So sorry to hear… my thoughts are with Paul and you.
    Love Odette

  3. So sorry about Paul. I don´t know him, but I can imagine the hard it must be…
    And about your little bird! Adorable!

  4. Please send my condolences to Paul, Heather. My mom passed away in March, it is really tough losing a parent but hopefully he has good memories to draw on and no regrets. Much Love!

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