Um. Don’t talk to tablecloths. Or, not yet, anyway.

First, talk to your girlfriend or your boyfriend, and you’ll discover that a romantic dinner or picnic on a Skinny laMinx tablecloth is exactly what makes their Valentine’s heart go pitter pat. And lucky for you, the limited-edition Flower Fields tablecloth is on a 20%-off special (while stocks last).

Now you know all this, it is time to talk to a tablecloth. Tell it: “I want you! Now!” and click ‘Add to Cart’ to prove your point. 

Click here to shop in US$, and here if you live in South Africa.

Happy Valentine’s Day shopping!

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  1. Hi skinny, not in S.A until April , is there any way I can reserve one of these fab tablecloths ? I live in Jersey U.k and can’T see a way of purchasing on line. Anna xx

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