Not long after I opened my shop, a very pregnant lady called Annie came into my shop, wanting to buy some fabric to make a quilt for her baby. I chatted to her about colours and ideas, and then I suddenly remembered some half-made patched things that I’d started, and hauled them out to show Annie a simple way of piecing things together. She loved what I’d made so much, and I realised I was NEVER going to finish it myself (I’d just opened a shop!), and so she very happily took my half-done work home with her.

Today, a year and a half later, Annie popped in again, bearing the now-finished, and completely beautiful quilt to show me:


Her recently-retired mum has hand-stitched the whole thing, embellishing all the blank spaces with little stitched outlines of my designs, and now it lives on their giant double bed, for everyone to enjoy.



Thanks so much for coming to show me, Annie. I really, really loved seeing your beautiful quilt, and I feel a bit inspired to tackle some of my other half-finished projects too. xx


  1. Oh my goodness! sooo beautiful – I wanna make one too. The colors are stunning and I love what she did with the blank spaces.

  2. That is absolutely wonderful! I love the hand stitching of the blank spaces – pure genius.

  3. Lovely quilt, and how lovely that a moment of generosity has led to such beautiful work.

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