On our visit to Tokyo last year, it was abundantly clear that flamingos were hot, hot property, trending like crayzee, and we’ve got the pics to show for it:




Now, a couple of months later, the flamingos have followed us to Cape Town: I’m utterly smitten by the pink flamingo interior of brand new eatery Hallelujah (between Kyoto Gardens and Lush Flowers on the Kloof Nek corner. See map).




Hallelujah, indeed!

PS: Keep an eye out for flocks of real flamingoes over Cape Town. Unforgettable!


    • Yes, indeed! Sometimes, driving along the N2 highway, in the middle of suburban Cape Town, you’ll see them on the banks of the Liesbeek River, and then out towards the West Coast, where there are lovely wetlands, there are massive flocks of them. Pelicans too. Cape Town is full of wonderful things šŸ™‚

      • Incredibly! I’ve been suprised. Yes, Cape Town must be a wonderful place. I would like to see it with pleasure with own eyes… Please give me more pictures… šŸ™‚

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