You met me and Pearl in the first of these posts, and now it’s time to introduce more of the gals in #teamSkinnylaMinx. Please meet Arlene, Melissa and Sonia, who make up our sales and marketing team.


Arlene is our shop manager in the Skinny laMinx store on Bree Street. It’s no simple task to fit all that pattern and colour into such a small space without complete visual overload, but she’s a whiz at it, creating beautiful vignettes wherever you look. Our shop is doing better than ever, thanks to Arlene!

Melissa is my design assistant, helping with product photography, picture editing, and an ever-expanding range of design-related tasks. She started as an intern with us, fresh out of her Surface Design studies at CPUT, and her unflappability and adaptability has made Melissa an essential member of our team.

Sonia has just returned to Skinny laMinx, after having worked with us about four years ago, in the role of online shop manager. Her two little ones have just started school, so she’s back in the working world, and we’re so happy to have her with us again.

Now, what else would you like to know?

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  1. It was fantastic to meet these lovely ladies last week and to enjoy their friendly welcome! Thanks girls!

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