I’ve just returned to Cape Town from India, having taught two pattern design and printing courses on the fabulous 2015 Ritchie Ace Camp Block Printing Tour. When I left home, our apartment was covered in dust and plastic, with a giant hole between what had been our bedroom and living room, and three weeks later, I’ve pretty much returned to a brand new home, so I’m feeling pretty discombobulated and overstimulated altogether, but generally, very, very lucky indeed.

I haven’t come up with a nifty plan for how to show my Jaipur pics, quite of few of which are already posted  on Instagram (with a #acecampindia2015 tag), so am just going to make a start by sharing images of a memorable early morning trip to the flower market, where cloth bags spilled their marigold and jasmine treasures in the light of the rising sun.







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