• Snoo

    Making Friday: The restorative power of a nap

    I’ve been feeling a little scattered in the Making Friday department lately, partly because of all the promotions work that this time of year takes up, and partly because I’ve been working on designs for next year’s new fabric collection, but on Friday I really felt the need to simply sit down and make something. …

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  • The Big Catch Ray Komei

    Best Things: Ray Komai

    Instagram and Pinterest are wonderful sources of treasures, best enjoyed when I go beyond a simple ‘like’ or ‘pin it’, and take the time to explore a  little. This morning, thanks to @modernform on Instagram, I spotted this intriguing image of a design by Ray Komai – a name I’d never heard before.   Some Googling told me that …

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  • Crazy Happy Thanks

    We’ve had a truly odd assortment of things on the studio table lately, and I thought they were a perfect expression of what this time of the year is like. In a nutshell, it’s totally CRAZY, but there’s plenty of HAPPY underneath too! So let’s focus on the HAPPY as we go crazy and celebrate my …

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  • Week Christmas Tree Napkin

    How to: Fold a Christmas tree napkin

    Wish you knew how to fold a napkin (or dozen)  into a forest of Christmas trees for your Holiday table? Follow our video tutorial below, made by the super clever Melissa!

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  • Spoons Hm

    Spoons again

    Josh Vogel makes spoons. Lots and lots of beautiful carved wooden spoons, and in his new book, The Artful Wooden Spoon, the former architect and founder of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. shows us what he does… as well as how you can do it too. It looks like a gorgeous book, and reminds me of when …

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  • Begonia

    Begonia growin’ ‘ere

    The begonia I popped into a vase has started growing roots! More inspiration for Victoria of Sfgirlbybay who desperately wants to get to the root of things

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  • Week Hm Ceramics

    Group ceramics show

    Every year at this time, my ceramics teacher Louise Gelderblom has a show at which all her students can display some of their work. I’m going to be showing some of the peculiar Oddjects I’ve been making all year, which look something like this: Come to the show on Friday 13 November at 6pm. It’s …

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  • Ropewall Brick House

    Best Things: Rope walls

    Sometime, things you see on the blogs just stick with you for ever, and this 2011 post from The Brick House is one of those. The rope wall in the blog post is superbly simple, so so effective as a non-solid room divider. I’m going to make sure that one day I have reason to follow the DIY …

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  • Week Making Friday

    Making Friday: Block Printing mega version

    This week, I’m in Jaipur, India, starting my second teaching stint with Ritchie Ace Camps. Last year’s Jaipur experience was amazing (lots of pics here), and I can’t wait to meet everyone who is coming on the 2015 version (although I’m going to miss last year’s group like mad!). I hadn’t used block printing techniques a lot …

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