• Week Oddjects Group

    Oddjects exhibition 3 – 5 March

    Don’t miss the Oddjects exhibition of ceramics and drawings at the Skinny laMinx shop from 3 – 5 March.

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  • Week Making Friday

    Making Friday: collection

    If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll have no doubt have heard me banging on about what I made on Making Friday. In case you don’t know about it though, that’s the studio day I try to put aside for non-essential (but very essential) unstructured creative work. (Read more about the Making Friday idea). …

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  • Oddjects Invitation

    In the shop: Oddjects exhibition

    For the last two years, I’ve been busy making a lot of rather idiosyncratic, non-functional ceramics – which I like to call “Oddjects” – and then also drawing and printing their shapes on paper and fabric. I’ve had a blast behind the scenes, and now the time has come to show the fruits of all this Making Friday activity …

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  • Week Oddjects Group

    All the Oddjects

    For two years, I’ve been making things from clay at morning classes with Louise Gelderblom, but haven’t really catalogued them anywhere, so today’s the day to show all the Oddjects (or the ones I remembered to photograph, at least) all at once.

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  • Notebook

    Making Friday: From Sketchbook to Oddject

    Notebooks are very useful things to have with you. They’re good for recording fleeting ideas, and good to look back on to see where you’ve been. For two years, I’ve kept this little “Ceramics Ideas” notebook alongside my other general notebook, jotting down ideas for shapes I’d like to make in the Monday morning ceramics classes I’ve …

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  • We Studio

    Making Friday: Printing at Warren Editions

    Attentive readers of this blog may recall that during 2015, I spent four Saturdays at Warren Editions print studio, learning all about CMYK lino printing. I loved the workshop, so was super excited when Zhané Warren started opening the studio on Monday nights to alumni of the courses she’s run. I signed up for three months, …

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  • Shavings Christmas

    Making Friday: Lino Shavings

    A little Christmas tree made of lino shavings is a neat way to round off a year where block printing has loomed large, what with our block print inspired Diggi Dot collection, two collections of block printed scarves, and another trip to Jaipur to teach (and learn) about this amazing way of creating pattern. When …

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  • Week New Scarves

    New in the shop: Block Printed scarves

    On my recent teaching trip to Jaipur with Ritchie Ace Camps, I had a couple of days off, and was pleased to put them to VERY good use, because after the success of our last crop of limited edition block printed scarves, I was excited to design some more. So now, just in the nick of …

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  • Snoo

    Making Friday: The restorative power of a nap

    I’ve been feeling a little scattered in the Making Friday department lately, partly because of all the promotions work that this time of year takes up, and partly because I’ve been working on designs for next year’s new fabric collection, but on Friday I really felt the need to simply sit down and make something. …

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