• Nanook


    If all had gone to plan, my bloke and I would be in Mozambique now, but our big old 17-year-old brown bear Nanook has become quite ill, and so instead we are having a quiet time at home. It would have been delicious to have a palm tree and warm sea holiday, but it’s perhaps …

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  • Skinny laMinx Teatowels

    Skinnylaminxenstein: It’s the Small things Part 2

    If you’ve read Part 1 of this post, you’ll know that I’ve got a bit of an issue with plastic waste, and it’s been bothering me for a long time that my business has been contributing to the problem on a daily basis. We’ve been using a plastic tagging gun for years! It’s quick, easy …

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  • Plastic tags

    Skinnylaminxenstein: It’s the Small things Part 1

    For just over year, I’ve had a pickle jar in the recycling cupboard at home, where I’ve been saving all the scrappy bits of plastic that don’t seem to have anywhere to go in the recycle chain because they’re just too small.  You know – those little tag gun things, special snappy hooks for in-store …

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  • Workshop Jaipur

    A year of Making Fridays: 2017

    I’m starting 2018 with a creative break, spending as much of January as possible in the studio, getting my creative batteries recharged. So instead of the standard ‘year in review’, I’ve decided to do a “Making Friday year in review’ post, taking stock of what happened during my behind-the-scenes studio practice, which I like to …

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  • airport ovals duo

    Airport corridors

    I missed a flight back from Joburg last night, which ended me up in overnight Purgatory (aka the TravelLodge), atoning for the sins of the Gautrain ticket machines, but which did afford me the opportunity of admiring the airport corridor windows with the 5:30am sunrise on the other side. The ovals reminded me of my …

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  • week House and garden ft blog

    In the Press: Game, set & swatch

    Oh, Henrique Wilding (stylist), aren’t you clever to put our prints to use in this clever way? See the rest of this House & Garden shoot featuring lots of SA designers here.

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  • Flow

    In The Press: Flow

    We’re delighted to be featured in Flow Magazine! If you haven’t heard of them head over to their website, it’s packed with fab illustrations, DIY tips and a love of all things papery. See the full story here, it’s in German… but who doesn’t like a challenge.  

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  • Odd faces

    Making Friday: Keeping it Weird

    I don’t know what’s up with me and ceramics these days. I’ve been making some things I really have mixed feelings about once they’re out of the kiln, but I have a total blast while making them. This one happened on Monday night, when I was shaping the largest pot I’ve ever built, and ended …

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  • X Shop View

    The Best of Bree Street

    We’ve extended our shopping hours during the Summer season, so you can visit the Skinny laMinx store at 201 Bree Street til 6pm on weekdays, and 3pm on Saturdays. While you’re on Bree St, make a day of it, and visit some of our friends and neighbours on this top-drawer Cape Town shopping destination street. Here are some …

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