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    The Best of Bree Street

    We’ve extended our shopping hours during the Summer season, so you can visit the Skinny laMinx store at 201 Bree Street til 6pm on weekdays, and 3pm on Saturdays. While you’re on Bree St, make a day of it, and visit some of our friends and neighbours on this top-drawer Cape Town shopping destination street. Here are some …

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  • We’re still Skinny . . . but so much BIGGER!

    In 2011, I opened a shop at 201 Bree St. You may already know the tale, but if not, and you’re up for a history lesson, read more here. That narrow little shop has served us very well, but six years later, Bree St has grown up a lot, and so has Skinny laMinx, so it’s …

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  • Perfume

    Friends & Neighbours: Wild Olive African Artisans

    I first came across Wild Olive early in 2015, while getting a coffee at Jason Bakery, half a block from the Skinny laMinx store. This dramatic, black and white-painted building was a new sight in the neighbourhood, and I was intrigued.  And since having met the creative mind behind this neighborhood Apothecary (thanks to her neighbourly side-project, the …

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  • Skinny Photo Studio

    Open Streets 2016

    I love the Open Streets initiative, where cars are shut out and people take over the streets of Cape Town. This weekend, it was the turn of Bree Street, and for a whole very hot day, the street was filled with people dancing, doing hip-hop, eating icecream, and… taking selfies in full Skinny laMinx camouflage, of course! …

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  • Press Feb Real Estate Mag

    In the Press: Real Estate magazine

    Delighted with this fabulous two page spread on Skinny laMinx in Real Estate Magazine. See the full article here.  

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  • A

    Thank you!

    It’s a week since we had a press launch of the Paradise is Here collection at SAM in Cape Town (followed by two Trade launches at Wolfe St Fabrics in Chelsea, and at The Silk & Cotton Co in Kramerville. Whew!), and I’m feeling so happy and grateful for all the support and encouragement we’ve seen …

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  • Own It Paint It Work Itblog

    WDC2014: Own It, Paint it, Work it

    I’m sure you know that Cape Town is has been named as World Design Capital in 2014. Hooray! All year long, there will be official projects and seminars and whatnot going on in the city (read about them here), and although Skinny laMinx isn’t involved in any of the official WDC2014 projects, we still want …

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  • Endless Thursdays

    Endless Thursdays

    5 December is the first Thursday of the month, which means it’s First Thursdays in Cape Town! We’ll be open late this Thursday, along with heaps of other businesses in town (check out the lineup here), but on Bree St, we’re taking it a little further: we’ll be ushering in the Summer season by opening until …

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  • Kinfolk Age Issue

    New in store: Kinfolk magazine

    Just this very minute, we unpacked the box with the brand new issue of Kinfolk magazine, and appropriately enough, barely a week after my birthday, this is the Age Issue. Supplies are super-limited, so get to the Skinny laMinx store at 201 Bree St as soon as you can (or email Astrid to secure a …

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