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  • Skinny laMinx Fabric Roof Garden in Rio

    How we roll

    Our three-colour Roof Garden print in production.

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  • Plant shadow

    Making Friday: Plant shadows

    Some of the experiments and photos I’ve been taking around the idea of plant shadows.

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  • Home Balcony

    Living with plants

    I’m focussing on plants instead of politics.

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  • Week Garden Day Poster

    Garden Day

    There’s a new day to celebrate, and one I think we can all relate to: On Sunday 9 October, it is GARDEN DAY, which is intended to bring us together to celebrate gardening, which is one of life’s simplest but most profound pleasures. So, on 9 October, whatever size or type of garden you have, think about how …

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  • Caprese Lounge

    Planty Inspiration

    I have a lot of houseplants. A LOT! At Skinny laMinx HQ on Bree Street, we have windowboxes outside, plants in the shop, and a roof garden above the fabric studio, while at home, there are hanging ferns in the stairwell, two outside balconies, an enclosed balcony and other various indoor plants dotted about the place. …

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  • Begonia

    Begonia growin’ ‘ere

    The begonia I popped into a vase has started growing roots! More inspiration for Victoria of Sfgirlbybay who desperately wants to get to the root of things

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  • Fronds

    Productive procrastination

    I’m a bit worn out after styling and shooting THREE catalogues this year (products 2014/15 due out at the end of the week), and so trying to wrap my head around the idea of a Christmas shoot was just about a bridge too far for me on a Monday morning. I had some loose palm …

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  • Hot tip: Succulents are cool

    I do like a good succulent plant, which must be why my studio roof garden is getting bigger, and also why my camera seems to be full of succulents pics.    

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