Home looked like a factory yesterday afternoon. Spot the skittish Siamese regarding all the mayhem with a wary eye.

Above, two of my trays in the Orla design. (Why “Orla”? Well, who does a stem design make you think of?)

For some reason, only the red and white trays were delivered from Johannesburg. Everything was starting to look rather Santa Claus-y with all the red and white…

But then my printer came through with my teatowels in yellow-green and dusty blue. It’s looking lovely.

Opening tonight, the Somerset Studio Show. See an earlier post for details of time and place.

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  1. (side note)
    Wow. Thanks. That’s kind of the nicest comment anyone’s left.

    I hope you come back around!

  2. They look awesome. I love the pattern and it looks so good in context on the tray and teatowels 🙂

  3. I Love them! They are so pretty i like the trays in red and white. Can I order?

  4. Orders? Oo-er. I’m on the brink of starting and Etsy shop, or something similar, but must investigate how well this can work from South Africa.
    I’ll let you know when it’s happening. Thanks for your interest!

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