Birdie Links
At last, I have a handbag for sale in my shop, and it’s entirely designed by me! After making and testing many a prototype, I’ve settled on this design, made here in one of my new birdie fabrics (more on those soon), and this one’s called Birdie Links.

I’ve been using a bag just like this one myself for the last three months (see evidence here), so can vouch for it’s being a great handbag. It’s got a little zip pocket in the lining for lipsticks, business cards, etc, and a divider to make compartments inside. The thing I like best about it is that I can have an armful of things in my other hand, and still manage to reach inside to get my keys – a bag of the perfect size, if you ask me.

Here’s how it looks in the spotty studio mirror:

I only have two for sale, but will be listing more bags soon, so watch this space…

Oh, and PS: Look who else has been making bags from her fabric.

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  1. heather, it’s fabulous! so now there’s only one in your shop! lucky for me we’re in the same time zone, tho’ separated by many miles! 🙂

  2. wow!! great news!
    so glad you’re now selling these bags!! I told you on the monkey town pictures how great it looks! and if you say it’s perfect size, we totaly want to believe you! hope you bring more bags in more colours out soon!!! 🙂

  3. Looks sweet! I’m kind of bag-crazy, so I’m glad to see you’re branching into them. -X

  4. Love it, colours pattern, shape, size everything, I think you’ll sell loads.

  5. It’s wonderful! The color, the print, the bag itself. Good luck with your new product! I just love your little birdies.

    (wait til you see my post today!)

  6. A wonderful bag! I like it’s convenient size and linked up birdies pattern:)

  7. Beautiful. You were both very smart to use wide straps- a MUST for a comfortable tote.

  8. As we say in Australia … noice. (say that with dragged out vowels and it should sound like “nice” as in nice one.)

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