What I’ve been making on Making Day
For the last four or five Fridays (Making Day, as many of you know), I’ve been cut cut cutting away with the very tip of my sharp little knife, and now I’ve finally finished.

I didn’t make this papercut for any reason or purpose (although I’ll probably find a usefor it), but it’s been a real treat to have made something very time-consuming for no particular reason.

I can’t decide what to call it. Any suggestions?

And before I wish you a happy weekend, I need some help:

Yesterday was something of a dead loss as I spend much of it hovering over my techie guy’s shoulder as he tried to rescue my email. When it seemed that all was lost, I ditched the hovering and took up hoovering our flat while I tried to reconcile myself with the fact that I’d lost my entire mailing list, list of contacts, the jammed-up Pending folder… What a disaster.

So I need a bit of help, please. I’d like to build up a mailing list once again. If you’d like to be added to my list, please email me with your name, city and email address, and I’ll add it to my database (currently consisting of one address!). And if anyone has a suggestion for a better way of gathering names for mailing lists, I’m all ears.

Thanks, guys, and have a happy weekend!


  1. It's beautiful! Really impressive. I would like to suggest "Whirlwind" because it looks like you have taken a snapshot of flowers just getting caught up in a whirlwindHave a great weekend

  2. Beautiful papercutam not a very inspired name giver so will save us both the embarrassmentsorry bout your email- how very annoying when techstuff goes bust! will email you my details- eventhough i dont think i was on your list before ;)still 2 emails are better than one happy weekend

  3. This is a truly divine papercut šŸ™‚ How about Spring Throw? No, too dorky? I just thought it looked like a garden throw with flowers all over it ;)Sorry to hear about your email. K

  4. How about "screen door"? As in the view through the screen door. Would anyone get that association?

  5. i immediately thought of "screen", too.incredible piece.summer, through my screen door.wind catcher.summer capture.through a screen, i watch the seasons.through a screen, i capture summer.off to put my name on your list. maybe copy all names and links and send to a designated gmail account? i'm going to do that!

  6. Oh – Heather that's terrible – I'm not good at the whole computer thing as you know I lost my website a few months ago.it's a beautiful cutout – I can see that printed as a tea towel or cushion – name? gathering?have a good weekend:)

  7. Love the new paper cut and can't imagine the amount of time it takes to cut away with the exacto…You've got some patience:)I'm going to do a major back up today… to avoid unpleasant computer surprises:)Hope you get it going and get it bigger than ever:)

  8. wow, that is just gorgeous. i've been wanting to try some papercutting but have felt rather daunted. this may be the push i need :)so sorry about your data loss, that is terrible. it feels so helpless when you lose files like that. have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

  9. Amazing! (the papercut, not your pc disaster – that's horrible.)What about Gingham? Because it's a grid and because it looks like a picnic tablecloth.

  10. Hmm, I think I might call it Flower net. Sometimes entemologists stretch nets out in treetops to see what they can catch, and this one just caught leaves and flowers.

  11. How about "Summer Breeze"…I thought of the screen to and I thought Summer Breeze catches the idea of a screen and also flowers floating on a breeze..love the cut…nice work

  12. It's a beauty Heather!!! How about calling it "on a whim"? Sorry to hear about your computer woe's…

  13. That papercut is dead gorgeous! It kind of looks like the the pieces have gently fluttered down on to it. So how about 'flutter' or 'flutterings' or something like that?

  14. very nice papercut! you need a lot of patience to make such a piece! respect! a name? wired flowers? gtrz anuschka

  15. Your paper cut is gorgeous. Instead of casting for fish, it looks like your casting for flowers. :o) We just returned from a month in Uganda and saw many fishermen casting their nets on Lake Victoria… that's what your papercut reminds me of. Oh how I miss it!

  16. whoa, that is impresive. it makes me think of a picnic blanket – does that help at all?!

  17. what an amazing papercut, how about a title to do with scattering or resting?: )

  18. the papercut is gorgeous. reminds me of a pressing or preserving flowers – flower press…lovely blog!!

  19. The papercut is divine and would make a great film positive for a screen! Can't think of a name right now.I also add each name of my email list into an Excel spreadsheet and save it onto an external hard drive – just in case.You can re-add me: thea[at]thea-sami[dot]com[dot]au

  20. I am impressed. I'm very good friends with my Stanley knife but I don't think I could handle such an elaborate piece. I can imagine it wrapped around a cylindrical lampshade, casting shadows everywhere in the evening.

  21. oh no abt your mailing list! have you tried using mailchimp.com? we use it and really like it… and then all your contacts will be securely stored online for any future disasters… :(i just got one of your tea towels as a wedding gift and am so thrilled with it! i had been coveting them for a while, and behold our friend who lives in capetown read my mind and bought me one. perfection! good luck with your work. i hope the hop sack situation finds a solution soon.

  22. Just got an error and not sure if my comment posted…1) Oh no about your mailing list? Have you tried mailchimp? look it up online – we use it and love it, and it's so great to have them host your list (securely) and know it's safe and sound. easy to use and you can pretty-it-up very easily.2) I had been admiring your tea towels for ages, and our friend from Cape Town read my mind and brought one over as a wedding gift. I was so thrilled with it. šŸ™‚ Hope the hop sack issue comes to a good solution… great work and enjoy your blog!

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