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  • Shavings Christmas

    Making Friday: Lino Shavings

    A little Christmas tree made of lino shavings is a neat way to round off a year where block printing has loomed large, what with our block print inspired Diggi Dot collection, two collections of block printed scarves, and another trip to Jaipur to teach (and learn) about this amazing way of creating pattern. When …

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  • Paradise on your phone

    Earlier this week, we got samples of our own made-to-order cellphone covers, available in the Skinny laMinx SKETCHBOOK store on Nuvango. They’re beautifully packaged, arriving in a little felt sleeve to keep it safe. Aww! We liked them so much, we immediately decided to put some of our Paradise is Here gift tag designs onto phone …

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  • Heathermooresketchbook Frankenflowers Samsung

    Frankenflowers… on your cellphone!

    Quite a few years ago, I used to spend fun hours with ceramics transfers that I’d had made, creating plates, bowls, mugs etc, decorated with my sketches. I was only able to have the transfer sheets printed in one colour, so I liked to chop up the sheets, and assemble the parts into crazy mixed-up …

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  • Hm Sketchbook Shaggy Dog A

    Shaggy dogs

    While on Noordhoek Beach these holidays (see previous post), we spotted a really funny looking shaggy black dog, with crazy wild hair – some of it tied up with a scrunchie – and giant floormop feet. The owner told us he was an Afghan Hound with rather poor grooming habits. I tried drawing him the …

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  • Sept Making Friday

    Making Friday: Getting organised

    I started sorting through my piles of sketchbooks last week, categorising images, ideas and inspiration pics. It feels like that time of year, doesn’t it? If you’re interested, I’ve started a Tumblr page where I’ve been posting pics of my sketches and other side projects. Take a look here

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  • Fronds

    Productive procrastination

    I’m a bit worn out after styling and shooting THREE catalogues this year (products 2014/15 due out at the end of the week), and so trying to wrap my head around the idea of a Christmas shoot was just about a bridge too far for me on a Monday morning. I had some loose palm …

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  • Coffee Drawings


    I sketched these two outside Jason Bakery while they waited for their takeaway coffee. #cellphonesarethenewsmoking

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  • Sa Home Weekly

    Sketches in the Sunday Times

    While attending the Design Indaba Conference at the end of February, I took notes and sketched each presenter, to remind me of who was who. It’s three days of awesome speakers (amongst themThomas Heatherwick! Stefan Sagmeister! Naoto Fukasawa!) but no matter how brilliant, it can be easy to forget who said what. During the conference, …

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  • Howtogetdressed

    One way to choose an outfit…

    Messing around in my studio at the end of Monday afternoon, I made a drawing of a lady I’d spotted at the supermarket earlier, then cut away her dress, just for fun. And look at what happened next… OMG, she’s wearing the same outfit as I am! Chilly minimalism, anyone? At the supermarket, there’s plenty …

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