I was manning my stand at the Neighbourgoods Market this weekend, and although it was a pretty busy day, I managed to snatch a few minutes to sketch the passing parade.

I sacrificed one of my blueberries to colour in the girl who had fallen asleep in the sun while wearing her sunglasses :)


  1. Lovely! I love sketching people. They make great unsuspecting models. Love your spare and lyrical line. :-)

  2. Been on hiatus…from blogs, and things…but now I have a new IPad 2 and the world is at my fingerprints…not that it was not before, but just even more now! I was really just taking a web hiatus!

    • Thanks, Carin! It’s always such a nice feeling to see the mood of a person appear on my page. Very satisfying (until they catch you drawing them!!)

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