They’re here! The new Skinny laMinx fabric collection for 2014/15 is out, inspired by plants in the city (read about the inspiration here) and called Paradise is Here.

The collection consists of four prints, each in three colourways, and this is what they’re all about:


Zig Zagin brazil, tarmac & pine nut

This design was conceived when I spotted palm fronds poking through the slats of a wooden fence, softening a barrier, and creating an amusing impression of curious plants on the other side, wondering what lay on the other side of the fence.




Frondsin sage, brazil and raffia

At first glance, this design is epilepsy-inducing – all jagged, crazy, noisy, jazzed up shapes – but with a shift in perspective, it evokes the soothing shadow play of palm fronds.




Palmettoin pistachio, tarmac & pine nut

The rough, scratchy zig-zag lines of this design make up exuberant, fanning leaf shapes that promise shady escape.




Airborne in tarmac, sage & strelizia

Exuberant organic shapes with echos of 50’s design take playful flight – like falling leaves or journeying seeds – across a featureless grid.


Shop the collection in the Skinny laMinx store.



  1. Another stunning collection! CONGRATULATIONS to Team Skinny laMinx for a wonderful launch last night.

    • Thanks so much for coming (and for finding that word for me in my speech! I was about to embarrass myself. Symbiotic! Of course!). xoxox

  2. I love the South African aesthetic in how you styled these; those fibre cement planters and cane chairs. As always such a well thought out but in no way predictable extension of your range. Have to come and see those colours for myself! Congratulations!

  3. Tops! Bravo Heather. Looking forward to adding this new skinny element into our home.

  4. For a faithful follower of your Instagram account, it’s wonderful to recognize the influence of your pictures in this new collection before even reading this blog post, Heather, it makes it even more precious! Congratulations again.

  5. Beautiful colours and to hear where your inspiration comes from makes it all the more inspirational.

  6. You continue to inspire me in every way! You’re so generous in sharing your creative process through Instagram, and seeing the final results here is so exciting! I love everything-the colors, the applications, but especially the lady behind it all 😉

    • Aw, Summer! We’ve never met, but it’s plain to see that you’ve got the biggest heart, along with a giant lust for life and sense of humour, not to speak of top-notch crazy style chops too. Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot to me. See you on Insta soon! xoxox

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  8. since seeing this post a few days ago, i find myself dreaming about my couches being reupholstered in the zig-zag pine nut fabric. it’s torture! i’ve vowed not to reupholster until my little ones grow a few more years. (couch was reupholstered in stunning peacock blue velvet just before the first one came along – velvet?! small sticky fingers?! what was i thinking?!) beautiful collection.

    • I love the idea of the blue velvet, but hmmmm, those little fingers…! Thanks for the kind words, and ongoing support too! xx Heather

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