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  • Vinaigrette

    Cook Better workshop

    Find out all about this weekend’s Vinaigrette workshop.

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  • Cutout group

    Imaginary friends

    Over the last year or so, you may have spotted the reverse paper dolls I’ve been making in my studio on a Making Friday. Just for fun, I’ve been drawing a person, then cutting out an item of their clothing to hold over a patterned background, inventing new outfits for them. It’s fun seeing how …

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  • Hm Sketchbook Shaggy Dog A

    Shaggy dogs

    While on Noordhoek Beach these holidays (see previous post), we spotted a really funny looking shaggy black dog, with crazy wild hair – some of it tied up with a scrunchie – and giant floormop feet. The owner told us he was an Afghan Hound with rather poor grooming habits. I tried drawing him the …

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  • Sept Making Friday

    Making Friday: Getting organised

    I started sorting through my piles of sketchbooks last week, categorising images, ideas and inspiration pics. It feels like that time of year, doesn’t it? If you’re interested, I’ve started a Tumblr page where I’ve been posting pics of my sketches and other side projects. Take a look here

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  • Horoscope Special 2010

    I’ve been doing it since 2008 – the Fair Lady magazine horoscopes, and then, once a year, I get to do the horoscope special. This year I did some little cutouts. They’d make nice lino prints, I think.

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  • what'sforsupper

    What’s for Supper 6

    These are the What’s for Supper illustrations I did for the August FairLady magazine. I reckon I should turn these into teatowels some time. Talking of teatowels, it’s a sunny day in Cape Town so I can photograph my Summer Weeds teatowels to put them up in Etsy later. Yippee!

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  • A food editor’s kitchen

    A few weeks ago I wrote a bit about meeting the food editor of FairLady magazine, Nikki Werner. Well, over the weekend she sent me this pic of her sweet dollshouse of a kitchen. Just a sec. That cushion made of old embroidered traycloths and napkins, and the Orla teatowel on the oven look rather …

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  • what'sforsupper mag

    What’s for Supper 5

    Last week, I was very glad to meet the food editor of FairLady magazine, Nikki Werner. She’s the one who writes these What’s For Supper recipes that I illustrate each month. Here’s the latest one: Nikki lives in what sounds like an absolute treasure of a house that belonged to her grandfather, still complete with …

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  • Food

    What’s for Supper 3

    More “What’s for Supper” recipe illustrations in the June issue of FairLady magazine this month. Brighter colours were requested. See the others in this series here.

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