We’re so happy to appear in the latest issue of MOYO magazine, in an article about our human-sized brand with global reach.  You can read this issue of MOYO - which really is jam-packed with fab articles – right here.



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Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design

Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design by Laurie Wisbrun is is a book I am always happy to recommend to people who are interested in learning about how to do pattern design. It was published in 2011 by Chronicle Books, and includes heaps of great tutorials and technical advice, as well as great interviews with a host of professionals in the industry (myself included!). Get yourself a copy!

Chris Turnham - Palm Plant 2

Best things: Chris Turnham

This is a post somewhat tinged with regret, because while in Los Angeles, I very, very nearly brought home one of Chris Turnham‘s silkscreened prints perfectly depicting that city’s long, low buildings, soaring palms and clean, sharp LA light. So while I am very happy to share with you the beautiful work of this talented illustrator and printmaker, please know that I am kicking myself under the table all the while. Chris Turnham – Alexander Steel House Chris Turnham – Two Palms Chris Turnham – The Pharmacy on York Chris Turnham – Vamco Cleaners The good news is that Chris Turnham… Continue reading


OH Thursdays – Customs House

If you live in Cape Town and drive a car, you’ll have driven past Customs House many times as you set off away from the city on Nelson Mandela Boulevard. It’s on the harbour side of the elevated freeway, and as you drive past, you may have spotted a portion of an interesting blue tile mosaic, frustratingly screened from view by the sides of the road. It’s a place where asylum seekers make application for permits, and where goods coming into the country are examined by officials, and chances are, unless you are an official or an asylum seeker, you’ve never been… Continue reading


Best Things: Studio Ilse for IKEA

Some of the readers of this blog will recall that I used to ardently wish that we had IKEA in South Africa. In fact, I was so desperate that in 2009, I even made a tea towel about it! I’ve since had the IKEA experience for myself (reality seldom lives up to dreams, sadly), but since hearing that the Swedish homewares giant will be releasing a Studio Ilse collaboration this month, my sense of IKEA deprivation is keen as ever, once again. Ilse Crawford is an amazing woman. She is founded Elle Decoration magazine, when she was just 27 years old, back when it… Continue reading


Inspired By: Mint & liquorice

I spotted this photo by Tom Leighton on Remodelista, and it made me think of the Liquorice Mint colour group I put together for our Colour Book. Gridly, in glass / mint Palmetto, in tarmac   Simple Stripe, in mint Block Circle, in liquorice Find lots more colour combination inspiration in our 2015/16 Colour Book.


Contemporary Design Africa

I coudn’t be more delighted to see that Skinny laMinx has been included in this fabulous book called Contemporary Design Africa, by Tapiwa Matsinde and published by Thames & Hudson, and celebrating the contemporary in African design.   The book shows how African’s craft traditions are being preserved and revived with an exciting contemporary twist, developing an African identity for the 21st Century. “Celebrating the wider changes occurring across Africa, the fifty or so designers and crafters included have been chosen for their innovative approach to creating sophisticated products.” These designers are from all across the African continent and into the diaspora,… Continue reading


Studio visit: Kat & Roger

Before we headed to LA in June, I’d made myself a ‘To Do’ list of places to go and people to see. Right near the top of that list was “Meet Kat & Roger“, because I am a huge fan of their work. Roger Lee has a fine arts ceramics background, while his wife Kat Hutter is a painter. Their collaborative project is called Kat & Roger, where Roger makes the shapes and Kat paints the colours, together producing practical, useable, and simply beautiful ceramic vessels. The day we arrived, I spotted my first Kat & Roger work in real life, at… Continue reading