This week, I’m in Jaipur, India, starting my second teaching stint with Ritchie Ace Camps. Last year’s Jaipur experience was amazing (lots of pics here), and I can’t wait to meet everyone who is coming on the 2015 version (although I’m going to miss last year’s group like mad!).


I hadn’t used block printing techniques a lot before this teaching opportunity came up, but it’s become a real staple of my pattern development these days.

I haven’t shared a lot of my printing pics, which I’ve just taken on my phone along the way, because they’ve just been ticking along in the background, and are just a case of “thinking with my hands”. But still, they’re interesting to see, so let’s consider this a bit of a catch up mega Making Friday post, showing bad pics of some of the things I’ve been printing in my studio, behind the scenes:








HEATHER-MOORE-block-printing14 HEATHER-MOORE-block-printing11




Skinny laMinx Stripes

After all the dottiness last month, we’ve now gone a bit nuts about our stripey patterns. Take a look at the colourful and fun Simple Stripe design. Isn’t that kids’ apron just too cute? Or is it just the effect of our little model, Finn?   Our more grown-up aprons also look good in Simple Stripe, but if you like to look serious in the kitchen, the Brancusi Stripe will do the trick.     Find our stripey aprons (and others) here in US$, and here in ZAR. Looking for more stripey inspiration? Take a look at one of my older… Continue reading


On the Todoist blog

One of the best discoveries I’ve made this year has been Todoist – a productivity app which has helped me and my team to look at our goals, turn them into projects, and to break them down into bite-sized chunks. So when the Todoist marketing team asked me to participate in an interview for their (newly revamped) blog, I was more than happy to comply. Read my interview here, and then find out all about to get Todoist in your life here.


Best Thing: Diggi Dot wallpaper

I’m off to Jaipur again next week, for another Ritchie Ace Camps block printing teaching stint, where I’ll be staying at Hotel Diggi Palace, which I loved so much, I named our new fabric collection Diggi Dot! It seems like the perfect opportunity to let you know about our latest line of wallpaper for Robin Sprong Wallpapers called (of course) Diggi Dot. Aren’t they gorgeous? See all the pics and colours on the Robin Sprong Wallpapers website, through which all wallpaper orders must be placed.


Sinnerlig in SA

Remember my drooling blog post a few weeks back about the IKEA / Ilse Crawford collaboration? Well, I have some good news for you… The Sinnerlig Collection will soon be available in South Africa! I got the scoop via the ELLE Decoration blog. Hop on over to find out all the details!


Yo! Terrazzo!

A couple of times a week, I walk past the gorgeous exterior of Hallelujah Cafe on Kloof Nek Rd, and always glance admiringly at their colourful terrazzo exterior. Over the weekend, I also happened to stumble upon the ‘soft’ opening of brand new burger joint Junior , right across the road from Hallelujah and also, as it happens, kitted out in terrazzo. It’s so new I don’t even have pics! You’ll have to see for yourself. All this terrazzo making an appearance in the epicentre of Cape Town’s trendsetting district has caused me detect the whiff of a trend in the air, and so… Continue reading


Spotty laMinx?

When you lay them out on a table, we’ve got a lot of spots and dots in the Skinny laMinx range, don’t we? Look at Abacus, Pebble and Gridly, all doing their dotty best to up the spot count. Spot quiz: How many spots and dots you can see in this blog post. Anyone? I’ll hand over a prize (a spot prize?) to anyone* dotty enough to count ’em all. *PS: This is a such a bad idea. If any of you take me up on this, I’m going to have to count the spots myself!