Hotel Diggi Palace Skinny laMinx

There’s something about this photo that I took this pic on a terrace overlooking the street at Hotel Diggi Palace early one morning, that makes me hear angels singing heavenly music. Can you hear them? Aaaahh!

It’s also the photo that I used as a starting point for the Mimosa Sunrise colour board in our Colour Book this year.

Colour book - Skinny laminx

For me, the Gridly design in fog / lemon is the perfect embodiment of this colourway, and it works so beautifully on this chair I had upholstered with Space for Life.

Gridly - Skinny laMinx

I think the lemon also works so beautifully – see the Bowls and Simple Stripe prints in lemon, teamed with the soft blue of the wedgewood Orla and Brancusi Stripe.

Skinny laMinx cushions

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Making Friday: Meet Us +

It’s an unusual Making Friday post this week, as it’s not something I made, but rather something I watched being made in the studio. Over the weeks leading up to the launch of the Diggi Dot fabric collection, you’ll have spotted our little series of teaser videos on instagram, and the longer video about the collection, too. They were made by the creative team of Us+, who say the following about themselves: Us + is made up of Aadil and Steph, arguably the tallest creative team in the world. Apart from being really tall we also like to make stuff.  We really like making… Continue reading


Colour Book: Signal & Steel

For some reason (I’m completely to blame), there have been two big gaps in the Skinny laMinx colour range. The one gap will always remain, because it is purple and I am allergic to purple. The other gap is a bit mystifying, because it’s a blue gap, and I do rather like blue. But let’s not beat ourselves up about it, because that gap has now been amply filled with a whole lot of blues i a whole lot of tones. Hooray! So, apart from the steel blues from Diggi Dot – in the Block Circle and the Simple stripe prints - we’ve… Continue reading


Colour Book: Lemon Green

A room painted green is quite something to carry off, although this coffee house I photographed  in Jaipur, and used on my Lemon Green colour board certainly manages to create an atmosphere with it. My Lemon Green colour palette in our Colour Book is a fair bit more subtle, with soft sages bumping gently up against sharp lemons, working together to soften wild pistachio tones. Appropriately enough, with the Skinny laMinx Heath Finds event at Heath Ceramics Los Angeles coming up on the weekend, this scheme works perfectly with the Heath seasonal palette. Just look how perfectly our Palmetto table runner and napkin… Continue reading


Space for Life & Diggi Dot

While putting together my Colour Book, I paid a visit to the treasure trove that is Space For Life in Howe St, Observatory, to see if there were any pieces that might work with the new Diggi Dot range. I chatted to Stefan Frylinck, who loved the fabrics and had lots of ideas. It was a good move, I reckon – just look at what resulted. I’m in love with the way this row of 50′s Danish lampstands came to life after Stefan had these awesome lampshades custom made. That pleated one in the lemon / mint colourway of the Sway… Continue reading


Off to LA!

Keep up with my trip to LA and beyond on Instagram, and if you’re in that part of the world, do come and say ‘hello’ at Heath Ceramics LA showroom on 20 June, where I’ll be for the Skinny laMinx Heath Finds event. Ta-ta!


Upstairs from the shop

At our Diggi Dot fabric launch two weeks ago, we invited everyone to come up the stairs to see what we get up to in our studio above the shop at 201 Bree St. Lots of you couldn’t make it, so I thought it might be fun, while the studio is still in its post-launch tidy state, to give you a bit of a tour. Please! Come on in! \ Thanks for visiting our studio above the shop!  


Heath Finds – Skinny laMinx

This time next week, Paul and I will be on a plane, heading off to Los Angeles. We’ll be staying with old friends in Venice Beach, meeting interesting people, museums and architecture, eating yummy food and visiting amazing stores. Hard to believe, but true!! The big highlight of our LA trip is on 20 June, when Skinny laMinx gets a corner of the Heath Ceramics LA showroom as part of their Heath Finds series. We’ve been stocking Heath Ceramics with our goods since 2008, so if you’re in Southern California, keep an eye out for Skinny laMinx goods in the Sausalito… Continue reading


Colour Book: Liquorice Mint

That’s a photo of my sitting room, you know! I took while preparing the Liquorice Mint colour board in our Colour Book, and liked it so much that I left it exactly the same after the shoot (give or take a picturesquely placed cat or two). I’m probably not allowed to have favourites, but you can probably tell that this is my favourite Colour Book palette. Those Simple Stripes in mint & liquorice just work so darn well with all the sages, greys and blacks in the existing range, don’t you think?   I did a bit of a hunt around the web for… Continue reading