While in Lisbon in June, I spent one hot, hot day doing something very, very cool: I spent the entire day underground, zooming around the metro system, looking for tiles by Maria Keil. I’ve written about this artist before on this blog, and this subterranean pilgrimage was something firmly on my Lisbon agenda, even though I had very little information to go on.


When Paul came back from a visit to Lisbon in 2014, he brought me a book called Desvio/Padrão (Standard/Deviation) by Joana and Sara Morais, which is where I first heard about Maria Keil and about the massive commission she landed when Lisbon started building an underground railway system, for which she was to design and produce tiles. The project that continued from 1958 – 1972, and she designed tiles for 17 stations.

I literally had to pop up at each station to see what I could find, as I was unable to find anything online that might help me plot my journey. In the day I spent riding trains, I managed to find 13 stations decorated by Maria Keil, which I’ve marked with a pink circle on the map below. My map may very well be incomplete, but in the absence of any other comprehensive online list, perhaps this will be of use to future tile nerds.

Maria Keil tiles Lisbon Subway. Info by Skinny laMinx


All that popping up resulted in a massive number of photos – so many, that I’ve decided to post them in groups, according to the subway line they’re on.

Post 2 of 4 – Linha Azul (blue line)

Post 3 of 4 – Linha Amarela (Yellow Line).

Post 4 of 4 – Linha Verde (Green Line)

Also, I have posted LOTS more pics of Lisbon’s tiles (above ground) here.

Anjos Metro, Maria Keil. Photo: Heather Moore

Lisbon subway tiles. Pic Heather Moore


Lisbon Subway Tiles: 2 of 4 Linha Azul

Part II of a post related to a self-guided tour of the Lisbon metro that I took in June 2016, hunting down metro stations with tiles by Maria Keil. Read more here. The BLUE LINE starts with Santa Apolonia (which you’ll recognise from the Maria Keil portrait at the start of this post), running up to Avenida, and ending with the magnificent entrance area of Parque: If you only visit one Lisbon Metro station, make it Parque (below). The entrance is a Maria Keil fest (see pics below), but as you descend the escalators, you’ll find yourself immersed in an extraordinary tiled artwork in deep ocean blues.… Continue reading


Lisbon Subway Tiles: 3 of 4 – Linha Amarela

This is part III of a post about to a self-guided tour of the Lisbon metro that I took in June 2016, hunting down metro stations with tiles by Maria Keil. Read more here. The YELLOW LINE on the Lisbon subway has tiles by Maria Keil at Picoas, Campo Pequino and Entre Campos.     For more Lisbon Subway Tile pics, see the links below: Tiles on Linha Azul (Blue Line). Tiles on Linha Verde (Green Line) Also, I have posted LOTS more pics of Lisbon’s tiles (above ground) here.


Lisbon Subway Tiles: 4 of 4 – Linha Verde

This is part IV of a post about a self-guided tour of the Lisbon metro that I took in June 2016, hunting down metro stations with tiles by Maria Keil. Read more here. The Green Line really is the Maria Keil motherlode, running: Rossio, Martim Moniz, Intendente, Anjos, Alameda, Roma and Alvadade:   I have heard that some of the Maria Keil tiles were destroyed at a point, and that some have been restored, which is what I think is probably what happened at Roma station (below), as the tiles seem to be a lot more modern in manufacture than any… Continue reading


Friends & Neighbours: Lindell & Co

The one thing that really stopped my heart when I was at Maison et Objet was the LINDELL & Co stand, just around the corner from ours in Hall 1. There, I spied the most amazing embroidered cushions in unspeakably lovely colours, and when I spotted the self-same cushions in Florence Lopez’ apartment, my ignited desire to have one of my own sprang into flame. LINDELL & Co was founded in 2007 by French-Swedish designer, Gabrielle Soyer, who had a chain-stitched textile from Kashmir that she’d been hoarding for years, which sparked an idea to bring her designs to life in this hard-to-come-by labour-intensive technique.… Continue reading


Making Friday: Macrame

If you’ve been following blogs for a while, you must have come across Bloesem – the beautiful design blog which Irene Hoofs has been writing for the last 10 years (we both started blogging in 2006!). Over time, Irene has evolved Bloesem, rebranding as BloesemDesign, adding BloesemKids, and now she’s even started a magazine… on paper! It’s called Koel, and is all about “the new standard for yarn crafting”. Irene kindly sent me a couple of copies of Koel, and was really blown away by what she’s achieved. Huge congrats, Irene, for creating this thing of beauty, filled with stories about the importance of the small… Continue reading


Best Things: Florence Lopez

While in Paris recently, I splurged on home and lifestyle magazines, coming home with tons of glossy titles to inspire.  Paging through Milk Decoration and AD Spain, one name kept appearing…. Parisian antique dealer Florence Lopez and her unbelievably stylish apartment. I am in love.   I immediately started transforming myself into Florence Lopez, by going out and buying two of the gorgeous cushions dotted about her apartment by Lindell & Co. (more about those soon), and now whenever I am doing a bit of online browsing, I keep mentally buying things for Florence’s apartment. Look at what I’ve found so far:      


Colour Yum: Forest tones

We’ve been making a noise about our DIMENSIONAL textile collaboration with Heath Ceramics, but did you know that the colours we chose for the collection are drawn from Heath’s Winter seasonal palette? Just look at these gorgeous tones, inspired by verdant Northern California, and with foresty colour names like Bourbon, Deep Teal and Juniper. Heath sent us some of their gorgeous ceramics for our shop. Just look at how beautifully the fabrics and ceramic items work together. These colours inspired me to do another colour palette post, with this gorgeous pic from Fired Earth as a starting point.        … Continue reading

Best Things: #IHaveThisThingWithTiles

This year has been all about tiles, hasn’t it – with my Lisbon trip in June, and now our tile/textile collaboration with Heath Ceramics too. But it’s not only me. Check out  I Have This Thing With Tiles  on Instagram, featuring an amazing array of floor-view selfies tagged #ihavethisthingwithtiles. Don’t you love it that the pics that include feet are called a ‘selfeet’? Want more? Check out I Have This Thing With Floors too, which does exactly what it says on the box! It’s hard to stop, once you’ve started, so here are more of my tile-centric snaps from Paris and Lisbon trip. (Also, and stay tuned for something more tile-related,… Continue reading