They say ‘Greenery’, but we’ve been calling that colour ‘Brazil’ since we launched our Paradise is Here collection in 2012, but let’s not quibble over names: no matter what they’re calling it, we’re all a-swoon for Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 . I’ve been seeing it everywhere (including our shop), haven’t you?


Skinny laMinx cushions clockwise L-R:          Woodpile, in teal;    Palmetto in pistachio;    Aperture, in petrol;      Fronds, in brazil.

Greenery Botanical Wall Paper: The home is the work of the architect E. Stewart Williams, who after the fame of the house received numerous commissions.

Greenery Botanical Wall Paper, via Architectural Digest.

I Love Paris

The restaurant I Love Paris, via Architectural Digest.

Old Brand New Bedroom

via Old Brand New.

Verner Panton Interiors

Spiegel Verlagshaus via Yellowtrace.

And that’s not the last you’ll see of it. We’ve got LOTS of green-tinged plans for the new year.


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‘Greenery’ are the hills of Natal

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit it, but I’ve never paid much attention to the Pantone (or any other) colour forecasts. I mean, what the heck was that naff pink and blue business from 2016 about? Pantone describes their annual colour choice as a symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude. Well, I think they got it right with GREENERY – their 2017 colour, which has has been on my mind constantly during our holiday. Then again, we were visiting KwaZulu Natal, spending time deep in the… Continue reading

Skinny laMinx Cape Town

Skinnylaminxenstein: on REFLECTION

Running a small, rapidly growing business can feel like stumbling through a cave with bats flying in your face. The only thing you can see is the thing right before your eyes, and all you want to do is get it out of the way, but then… another bat flies in your face. (Did someone mentionn “Living The Dream”?). Fortunately, over the last few years, I have a team with whom I can share in the bat wrangling, which means that it’s possible to see that there is light in the cave, and paths to be chosen. I mentioned in my… Continue reading


Faux Wreath or Real Wreath?

Dare you to say the title of this blog post ten times at double speed! We made a faux wreath for our Christmas window this year, which turned out so well, don’t you think? Ever since I spotted Abigail Ahern’s incredible faux plants , I’ve become perfectly happy to go with a fake where appropriate – and our hot, hot shop window, blasted by the Summer sun is VERY appropriate indeed!   There are plenty of wreaths to inspire all around the web, so whether you go for faux or go for the real deal, here are some we love: Fynbos wreath by Lush… Continue reading


Skinny laMinx for blokes

The Skinny laMinx store manager Janine keeps telling us how many blokes have been shopping in our store, so to keep the chaps coming in (thank me later, Janine!), we’ve put together a collection of Skinny prints used in interiors that have a somewhat masculine vibe. Having said that, though, I’m a girl, and I’d be more than happy to live in architect Martin Smit’s gorgeously simple rooms, featured in Real Estate magazine, wouldn’t you? His doggie is pretty cute, too! via Real Estate Magazine Cushions that I reckon would also fit are (L-R): Simple stripe (in liquorice) ; Breeze (in concrete) ; Weft… Continue reading


Making Friday: Macrame workshop

I’ve gone a bit silly for macrame, and have been knotting away like crazy, making gifts for my family. How about you? Want to learn the knotty arts?  Join our macrame workshop with expert instruction from Jade Paton of House of Grace and enthusiasm from Heather Moore!   Here’s what you need to know: Saturday 25 February 2017 12:30am – 3:30pm Upstairs at Skinny laMinx R550 per person (materials and snacks included) Only 10 spaces available Email us to book a spot  >>


Team Skinny laMinx tours Cape Town

Last week, the whole Skinny laMinx team caught the Big Red Bus and took a peninsula tour from Long Street all around Kirstenbosch, Constantia, Hout Bay, Llundadno, Camps Bay, Sea Point, and back home, with a stopoff for fish and chips, and another for a cocktail. L-R: Sarah, Nadieya, Laura, Melissa, Bridget, Janine, Belinda, Sonia, Nobuzwe, Maleeka, Moena, Marcia, Mariam and Shanaaz in the pic. Somehow, Lynn and Hanlie didn’t squeeze in, and we’re also missing Pearl (in Paris) and our weekend team of Nolu, Hayden and Anna-Grace, who were looking after the shop. But all together, we make up… Continue reading


Skinnylaminxenstein: Enjoyment’s what’s important

Planning and running to plan are two very different things. Opportunities come up during a year, circumstances change, and things go awry. We’ve found it useful to choose a “focus word” every year that helps us measure our decisions against. In 2014, when things had been quite tough going and relentlessly busy, we focussed on the word ENJOYMENT. The word has changed since, but we still have this little sign I made up on the wall, because really, when you boil it all down, we all want work to be an enjoyable way to spend our days, because it makes up a… Continue reading