Way back in 2008, when Skinny laMinx was but a babe, I spent lots of time making papercuts in my studio. Some found a purpose (that Pincushion papercut certainly proved its worth!), but most of them ended up in a drawer.


So I really was super thrilled to find one of them being given a fresh purpose thanks to Japanese embroidery artist Naoko Shimoda, who has released a book of her beautiful embroidery projects, with an embroidered version of one of my papercuts on the cover!Embroidery-Book-1

The book has been released in Japan, Taiwan and Mainland China. I have a copy of the Japanese version, but the English language edition - Artfully Embroidered by Naoko Shimoda – is hot off the press, and is full of great embroidery project ideas and patterns too.


I’d like to carry a few copies of the book in my shop, and wondered if anyone might like to place a pre-order here? If you do want one, please email us at shop@skinnylaminx.com and we’ll arrange it for you.


Furoshiki with a tea towel

In yesterday’s post about multi-teatowel-tasking, I mentioned the idea of using a tea towel to wrap a gift, furoshiki-style, and here are DIY step-by-step instructions letting you know exactly how to do it (using, in this case, the When Everyone Came To Tea tea towel in rosebud): Step 1: With the print facing down, fold the tea towel into a square. Place the gift in the centre of the tea towel. Step 2: Take the corner labelled C and fold it to the centre, across the box. Step 3: Take the corner labelled A and fold it to the centre, over… Continue reading



We’ve been thinking about it, and you know, tea towels are not just for drying the dishes. They can do lots of other things too. Yes, they can multitask. Heck, they are the masters of multi-teatowel-tasking! Here are a couple of jolly good ideas for what else to do with your tea towels: Multi-teatowel-tasking #1: Tie one around your waist with a belt as a makeshift apron.   Multi-teatowel-tasking #2:  Frame it! This is our Stig tea towel framed in a readymade frame I bought at Country Road.   Multi-teatowel-tasking #3: Use a tea towel as a tray cloth. The 100% cotton hopsack is very… Continue reading


New colours for tea towels

We’ve got some of our old favourite tea towel designs in brand new colourways this year. Take a look: Summer Weeds teatowel, in Meadow, Pollen and Forget-me-Not Eep! teatowel, in Tomato, Olive and Royal Blue Mushrooms teatowel, in Verdigris, Loam and Peat Tall Pincushion teatowel, in Charcoal, Olive and Taupe Stig teatowel, in Sage, Pine Nutand Brazil When Everyone Came to Tea teatowel, in Wedgewood, Rosebud and China Blue Shop for tea towels online: Here in ZAR Here in US$


Collaboration with Dark Horse

Last year, local high end bag company Dark Horse made the cutest little sling bags with details in our Rough Cuts prints. We liked them so much that this year, just after launching our Paradise is Here collection, we approached Dark Horse to create a bag especially for this collection. We love what they’ve come up with, and last night at First Thursdays Cape Town, we launched the Dark Horse Halter Bag in our shop. It’s a fantastic bag for city living, as it’s strong, light, and has oodles of room inside. I love the adjustable strap, which allows the… Continue reading


I’m elsewhere

I’ve really been battling with my back lately. It seems that every time I put myself in front of the computer, whether seated or standing, my back clenches in a most uncomfortable way. So I’ve decided to take the hint and I’ll be stepping away from the machine for a bit. Actually, I’m quite grateful for the messages from my back, as I’m really looking forward to spending a lot of the new month away from the ‘office’, playing with block printing and ceramics. And of course, I’m really grateful for my fab team, who keep everything going even when I’m out… Continue reading


Fan Fridays

This week, Fan Friday is all about how pastels don’t have to be naff when they’re Sweet & Sharp.  See our Fan Fridays album on Facebook for the latest shares from our fans, and don’t forget to hashtag your Skinny laMinx goodies with #Lookatmyskinny or email them to studio@skinnylaminx.com


Sweet & Sharp

When shooting our Lookbook 2014/15, the Sweet & Sharp look was one that came as a bit of a surprise to me. I’m not a huge fan of pastels (they can be a bit naff, can’t they?) But when they’re mixed up with acidic, zingy brights, those pastels take on a whole different feel. Discover the Sweet & Sharp theme in our Lookbook 2014/15 . Top – bottom: Orla, in strawberry / Airborne, in sage / Rough Diamond, in sunny sky  /  Flower Fields, in rosy  /  Fronds, in raffia  /  Palmetto, in pistachio.