• Vinaigrette

    Cook Better workshop

    Find out all about this weekend’s Vinaigrette workshop.

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  • ecoladrillo

    How to make EcoBricks

    The drought and hardcore water restrictions have made me super thrifty about everything. I’ve been recycling for years, but it’s only when I found out about EcoBricks (thanks to kind readers responding to this post) that my eyes really opened to how much waste I generate. Ecobricks are plastic bottles stuffed with non-recyclables, turned into …

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  • Kimami Mafafo

    Kimathi Mafafo

    I’ve just come across the work of Kimathi Mafafo, the artist behind a series of beautiful embroideries, which were made in collaboration with the expertise of Ghanaian tailor, Mustapha Saadu. You’ll be able to see these works on the Ebony Curated stand at the Cape Town Art Fair, but if you’re not able to see …

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  • Tulip fields

    Colour Yum: From above

    The image above of tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands comes from the book Overview: New Perspective of Earth by Benjamin Grant, which I discovered in an extraordinary post on Yellowtrace about arial photographs of the earth. I’ve picked out some particularly fascinatingly colourful ones to share here, but highly recommend visiting the original post on Yellowtrace  …

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  • Rose

    Colour Yum: Flowers

    I met friends at Chart Farm last weekend, and when my photo of a rose turned out looking so oddly colourized, 50’s style (no filters, just the light), I took some of my other flower pics and dipped them in a saturated colour rinse-out, just for fun. Sometimes mixing things up is a good way …

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  • Cecilie Telle

    Trends: Well-rounded

    “A seed pod, cocoon or pregnant belly” is how Selvedge Magazine describes the felted bags of knitter, felt maker and designer Cecilie Telle, and those words sum up exactly a trend I’ve been noticing lately, of soft capsule shapes, arches and pods.  Could it be the sound of ‘The Future is Female’ cry echoing through the …

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  • warping loom

    Making Friday: Warpin’ mah looms

    Yes, the title of this blog post would indeed suggest that I may use the personal pronoun as well as the plural with regard to weaving equipment because, after showing off on Instagram the fun I was having on a kiddie loom during my January break (pictured above), I was offered a fixed heddle table loom …

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  • Skinny laMinx Living Space Bowls Fabric Featured

    DIY with Livingspace Magazine

    We love it that Livingspace magazine chose our Bowls fabric in graphite to feature in their fun wallhanging DIY. We love the idea of adding pattern to a wall without having to commit to wallpaper. Here’s the Livingspace step-by-step guide for making a DIY fabric wallhanging:

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  • Libermanns Pottery

    Out & About: A visit to Liebermann’s

    While I might have been a semi-conscious human for much of the 70’s, I seem to have managed to absorb that era pretty deeply into my being. I mean, I do macrame, pottery, and I’m learning to weave, too, ffs!  This probably explains why I was happy to spend a solid hour of my Tuesday …

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