This week, Fan Friday is all about how pastels don’t have to be naff when they’re Sweet & Sharp. 


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Sweet & Sharp

When shooting our Lookbook 2014/15, the Sweet & Sharp look was one that came as a bit of a surprise to me. I’m not a huge fan of pastels (they can be a bit naff, can’t they?) But when they’re mixed up with acidic, zingy brights, those pastels take on a whole different feel. Discover the Sweet & Sharp theme in our Lookbook 2014/15 . Top – bottom: Orla, in strawberry / Airborne, in sage / Rough Diamond, in sunny sky  /  Flower Fields, in rosy  /  Fronds, in raffia  /  Palmetto, in pistachio.    



Well, it’s more like “what the Soft Bucket”, actually. If you take a look at our online products catalogue, you’ll see that we’ve gone completely buckets over these multi-purpose fabric vessels, and are making them in all shapes and flavours! My personal favourite (at this minute) is the reversible Abacus design, now available in Inky Blue, Sunshine, Fog and Poppy. Find plenty of soft buckets available in our shop at 201 Bree Street, and also online: Here in US$ Here in ZAR. What are you using your Soft Bucket for? Send us pics by tagging your instagram photos with #lookatmyskinny or… Continue reading


OHA16 – Rex Trueform

The Open House Architecture tour I went on last weekend – OHA16 in the series – is one I’d been looking forward to for some time, as I’d always wanted to see inside the Rex Trueform buildings, which have been out of use as clothing factories since the mid 1990s. The Rex Trueform factory buildings stand opposite one another on Victoria Road in Salt River, dating from 1938 and 1948 respectively. Inside the older of the buildings, nothing much has happened since the factory closed in the 1990s, due to cheap clothing imports from China flooding our market, causing thousands of job… Continue reading


Fan Fridays: DIY

We LOVE seeing what you make with your Skinny laMinx Fat Quarter Pieces, Scrap Packs and DIY Squares. Just look at what this clever lot have been doing! Clockwise from top: @quiltwhileyoureahead @lesleylilley   @margrethe1986  @bollijulia @leighsideknits @owensoliviaquilts  @lesleylilley Keep those pics rolling in by hashtagging them #lookatmyskinny, or sending an email.


Jungly DIY Fabric Squares

It’s a Jungle Bungalow out there, and we’ve got the fever so bad, we couldn’t hold ourselves back from making this super-jazzy DIY Square pack in our new greens from the Paradise is Here collection. Did I already say “jazzy”? It’s soooo jazzy! If you’re a sewist (or a wannabe stitch witch), you may well know about our packs of DIY Fabric Squares. They’re colour-grouped packs of 50 pre-cut squares to be sewn up into whatever you’re feelin’. When stitched together they make a panel measuring 1sq/m. We’ve got them in pinks, in yellows, in black & white… and now, in this jungly… Continue reading


Featured on Abigail Ahern

I’m pretty much in complete awe of the styling chops on UK designer, Abigail Ahern, who is the mistress of moody style, with a knack for mixing a heady cocktail blend of dark (like black walls) and light (like bulldog-shaped lampstands) in perfect measure.  She’s a clever lady, and something of an icon to me, which is why I’m particularly thrilled that Skinny laMinx is on her blog this week in her Opencall feature. Take a look at what Abigail has to say about us right here, and then be sure to make time to read everything morsel under those delicious-looking tabs, like “Current Obsessions” and “Taking… Continue reading


Jungle Bungalow

Jungle Bungalow is the first of our 2014/15 Lookbook themes, which seems like just the ticket after the gloriously Summery weather we just had in Cape Town this weekend. Mmm, flipflops, bamboo, sand between the toes, shady palms…. I just can’t wait! Last week, we released our latest Products catalogue (see it here), with lots of Jungle Bungalow-ish goodies on offer to get you in the mood for Summer. Let’s start with a squillion Soft Buckets: Feeling the Jungle Bungalow vibe? Not yet? Then please press ‘play’ on the Little Joy track below. You’ll probably feel a pina colada magically appear in your hand. Take a… Continue reading


Fan Fridays – From the minis

We’ve got the little guys in mind for this Fan Friday feature, and we’re kicking off with these little darlings, from @lillelykke and @jen_pedersen on Instagram. The bad, sad news about these pics is that neither of these Mini laMinx baby tees is for sale any longer. Don’t be mad! What is still for sale is my Up, Up & Away fabric for Cloud9 Fabrics, which @emmieloulily has incorporated into this gorgeous baby blanket below. Ah yes. This is the kind of thing I like to see on Instagram: Tidy, stylish, Scandi-chic homes with super-cute smock dresses in Skinny laMinx prints hanging casually… Continue reading