At last, here they are:  the people who put the hands into the handmade. I’m so happy to complete this Meet the Team series by introducing our sewing and cutting team, who work from a studio above our shop.



Marcia and Minnie

Ever since the very start, Marcia and her elderly mum Minnie (not pictured here) have been sewing for Skinny laMinx. Marcia is a bit of a wonder, really, producing always excellent, always speedy work, while managing to care for her mum, her mentally challenged brother, and (quite often) her little nieces whose mum is at work. I’d be nowhere without Marcia and Minnie


Nadieya started cutting for me about 5 years ago from a tiny little room in Harrington St that had a lift that didn’t work and a security guard who seemed to get enjoyment from watching me heave 30m fabric rolls up four flights of stairs. Ack! Those were the days! Thank goodness Nadieya and her daughter have a nice big cutting room just one door down from me these days.


What a trooper – always up for something a LOT more challenging than tea towels and table runners. Look out next week for something really gorgeous whipped up my Moena for us.


Mariam is Maleeka’s aunt, and she’s a strong, silent type, who just gets on with it…


… as is our newest sewist Bridget (which is probably a good thing, because Nadieya does love to talk!)


Right now is a great time to introduce our making team, as the Fashion Revolution gains momentum around the world, asking the question Who Made My Clothes? It’s a question it would serveus well to ask of all the things we own and consume: How did this item get to be in this form in my hands, and what are the greater implications of these processes?

Read more about the global Fashion Revolution movement, and if you’re interested in supporting and promoting ethically made South African goods, take a look at the LoveZA BuyZA campaign too.


Making Friday 17 April

Every now and again, I attempt to be a good aunt, and Making Friday is a great way to connect with my multitude of nieces. Izzy and I had some great studio time last year, and as my middle brother has been out from Aussie with his rarely-seen daughters, this Making Friday past was the perfect time. And of course, we did some block printing, which the girls took to with gusto, and great seriousness. This was not a time for chit-chat, it was time for printing! How to charm your Aunty Heather in one fell swoop! Thanks, girls! Don’t forget to bug your parents… Continue reading


Best Things #03

Since starting to send weekly newsletters (sign up here, if you haven’t yet), I’ve become a big fan of this way of getting info and staying in touch, and have been signing up for newsletters all over the place. I thought that today’s Best Things post could include some of the things I’ve come across via these channels. 1 Always happy to see a super-energetic mailer from Abigail Ahern, because she’s brilliant and hilarious. Who can resist a blog post called How to Crawl Out of your Beige Haze Coma ? I’m also rather delighted to see that her book Colour is out. Read… Continue reading


Making Friday: Waiting for inspiration

You may remember that a few weeks ago, I wrote this post about making designs with the offcuts of a papercut I was doing (with free downloadable wallpapers included). I thought you might like to see the finished papercut, still generating interesting side-effects with its shadow: If you’re wishing you were also having a Making Friday, but don’t know how to start / fit it in / keep it going? Take a look at this article from the marvellous Abby Glassenberg about waiting for inspiration to strike. Hope it helps!


Best Things #02

We’ve just bought the studio apartment next door to ours, with the intention of bashing through to expand our 80 sq/m 2 bedroom flat into a roomy open planned 120 m/sq space. This is why I haven’t been doing much online this week, other than pin thrilling wide-open loft-style apartments to my I Could Live There Pinterest board, so this week’s Best Things post is all about apartments to die for.  ……………………………………………… I realise that a flat on the 2nd floor of a Deco building doesn’t have a lot in common with an architect-built, self-designed family house overlooking Camps Bay, but my view… Continue reading

02 Week Yoyogi Park

What to do with Yoyogi Park?

The Yoyogi Park  fabric collection is available in our Bree Street shop now! I know, I know.  I designed it myself, so I shouldn’t be so “wow!” about it, but it’s different seeing it in real life, especially when you start putting it to use. I’ve got a couple of dresses cut out of my sampling, and I can’t wait to finish them so I can show them off, but in the meantime, it’s so exciting to see projects from the super-sewists out there, sharing their projects on social media. Here are a couple: Left: The Campfire Messanger bag by Anna Graham of Noodle Head… Continue reading


In the Press: Air BnB

We were thrilled to see this article in the Sunday Times Home Weekly because of the way designer Astrid von Brucken has made Skinny laMinx wallpaper and textiles the star of the show in this AirBnB apartment! Find the full article here.