I love hearing from people who have Skinny laMinx in their home, and it’s always inspiring to see my fabrics put to use in ‘real life’, so I was thrilled when Barbara sent us some pics of Skinny laMinx in her home in Brooklyn, NYC. I loved them so much, I asked for more… and I asked some questions about her too.

Hello! I’m a New Zealander but have lived in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and now here in Brooklyn for the last 2 years.  Despite being in New York, I’m still heavily influenced by how the Southern Hemisphere interprets Scandinavian design, which is why I love the Paradise is Here fabric collection from Skinny laMinx (Fronds & Palmetto!) and also the Brancusi Stripe design so much.
To me, these designs feel tropical and organic, with their strong contrasts, shapes and angles.  It reminds me of my time in tropical Asia and the semi-tropics of Melbourne and Auckland – much needed inspiration during the 5 months of cold in NYC!
I like the bold monochromatic feel of the black and natural linen/cotton together and the bold pop of the yellow – which is one of the colour themes in my Scandanavian-modern inspired Brownstone.
The brief on my recent house renovation was to use lots of natural materials and texture….so it has white oak floors, polished concrete floors, cabinetry in birch plywood (painted in white or pop colours; left natural or whitewashed to reveal the grain), steel, glass, concrete tiles, wire pendants, jute rugs, felt wool upholstery, hand-screenprinted linen/cotton and wallpaper etc.  Skinny laMinx textiles are a natural and beautiful fit.
The jagged edges in the black Palmetto and ZigZag designs remind me of the zig zag made by my kids’ crinkle cut scissors! (note from me: that’s exactly how I made those shapes!)
 You’ll see I also like white pegboard – it’s the repetitive simple dots as a backdrop that I like – and have a pegboard headboard in my room, and an oversized  “Peg-it-All” board too.  This is a recent purchase I’ve yet to get up on the wall but I’m having fun playing around with at the moment. The ceramic planters are from A Question of Eagles in LA, and Light & Ladder in Brooklyn. The Soft Bucket, of course, is Skinny laMinx!

Barbara’s hot decor tips:

Find great wire pendants, and all manner of wire furniture at BendGoods

Aussie magazine Inside Out  gets the Southern Hemisphere take on Scandi style just right

Get a giant “Peg-it-All” pegboard from UK outfit, Kreisdesign.


Thanks so much for your lovely pics and the story behind your beautiful home, Barbara!

If anyone else would like to share home pics, please get in touch at studio@skinnylaminx.com, or tag your pics with #skinnylaminx on Instagram or Facebook. We love it!


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