I’m dying to share the pics of a super exciting new product we’ll have in our shop next monthl… but I can’t! So, here are some incredibly annoying behind-the-scenes pictures of my studio mid-shoot, sans actual fabulous item.

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PS: Please note that our shop at 201 Bree St will be closed on Sat 28 March for a spruce-up

03 week #thought leader palette

Ahead of the pastel pack

I just heard that Pantone has released its colour palettes for 2016, including one they call Ephemera, featuring “delicate shades of wan blue, pale peach and tender yellow”. Well, ahem, what have I been saying for about 3 years, with our Acid Pastel and Sweet & Sharp Lookbook images? Way ahead of ya, Pantone!   PS: If you’re loving this palette, you’ll swoon at these images from UK-based interior stylist, Charlotte Love.

Making Friday wallpaper

Mid-March Making Friday

After last week’s great reception to my post explaining Making Friday, I’m under pressure to follow up, aren’t I? Well, here goes, with a post about using the side effects of the thing you’re making (just for fun) to make something else just for fun. More fun? I’m in. So, just as I didn’t throw away my linocut shavings before I’d messed around with them (remember my hipsters and the shaggy dog animation?), this time, I’ve been playing with the bits cut away from the papercut I’m working on. Teasing them out of the pile, I found I really like the shapes! And although I… Continue reading


Plant-filled homes

I recently spotted this gorgeous AirBnB apartment in Cape Town, all done up by architect Astrid von Brucken in Skinny laMinx Paradise is Here prints. Isn’t it a fresh, plant-filled treat? it got me thinking about all the plant-filled, botanical-themed, and frankly  junglicious apartments and homes I’ve spotted around the web, so I hunted down a few of my favourites for your inspiration: Blogger and designer Justina Blakeney loves an indoor plant so much, she even calls her home The Jungalow! Take the Jungalow tour, with pics by Dabito. Talk about green with envy! This pic leaves me with no doubt about the… Continue reading


Making Friday – what it’s all about

Anyone else running a business based upon the results of their creativity will be able to relate when I say that I’m always trying find time to spend in the studio, doing the creative work, but there’s always so much other work to do, and long spans of time are pretty rare. I’ve written a fair bit on this blog about what I’ve been getting up to on Making Friday, but I’m not sure I’ve ever properly explained the idea behind it. I’ve been a bit slack about my own Making Fridays lately, and need a bit of a reminder, so here it is::… Continue reading


Paradise on your phone

Earlier this week, we got samples of our own made-to-order cellphone covers, available in the Skinny laMinx SKETCHBOOK store on Nuvango. They’re beautifully packaged, arriving in a little felt sleeve to keep it safe. Aww! We liked them so much, we immediately decided to put some of our Paradise is Here gift tag designs onto phone covers too, so now you can have Paradise in your pocket (does that sound wierd?) with a leafy phone cover or laptop skin. Looky! There’s a dizzying array of phone covers and laptop skins to choose from in our store, ranging from iPhone, Samsung, Kindle, and… Continue reading


Black Gold

For quite some time, I’ve been buying and stashing brass animals in a cupboard at home, waiting for the day that I had enough to send off to the foundry. No, not to melt down for pocket money! I was dreaming of turning them black. While I have nothing against a brass animal, I prefer less shiny objects, so I’ve had the foundry oxidise them, turning their shiny surface a heavy matt black, almost like cast iron, but with just a hint of gold beneath. I’m crazy about the way they turned out! Take a look at these Before & After pics,… Continue reading


The idea that seeds the pattern

It was 30 years ago that Susan Sontag wrote that “Needing to have reality confirmed and experience enhanced by photographs is an aesthetic consumerism to which everyone is now addicted”. Imagine what she’d have to say about the Instagram epidemic! But I hope to be forgiven, at least in part, for my compulsive snap-snap-snapping, by putting some of my visual collecting to work, and there are certainly some images that plant the seeds for of my fabric designs, even if that wasn’t the intention behind taking them. I find that the more I notice something… the more I notice it! And when I take… Continue reading