This will be my last blog post for most of October, as I’m about to head off to India, immersing myself in beautiful patterns, textiles and colours while also teaching (and learning!) on the Jaipur Block Printing tour organised by Ritchie Ace Camps.


I am so excited to visit the Pink City, to meet everyone who will be taking the course, and to see for myself how beautiful Indian textiles are created. I think my mind will be totally blown! And, of course, I’ll be bringing back a bunch of treasures, so keep an eye out for news of a post-India special event at our Cape Town shop.

And although I won’t be blogging for a while, I’ll be Instagramming up a storm (wifi permitting), so keep an eye on the Skinny laMinx Instagram feed to see what I’ve spotted in Jaipur.

Tally ho!

hm collage 2 hm collage 3

PS: While I’m away, everything at Skinny laMinx will proceed as normal, with all the shops will be open, and business as usual. How is this possible? Because of the awesome Team Skinny laMinx, of course!


Fan Fridays – last chance this year!

It’s been so much fun to get your Fan Fridays / #lookatmyskinny images of Skinny laMinx goodies in homes and stores around the world. Thanks to everyone who has participated. Things are hotting up for us at the end of the year, so at the end of October, we’ll be taking a break from the Fan Fridays until next year. In gratitude for sharing your pics with us, we’ll be giving away prizes for three lucky #lookatmyskinny participants, so keep those hashtagged images rolling in, and we’ll put you all in a hat for an end October lucky draw.


Keeping good company at Heath Ceramics

You know about Heath Ceramics, right? Across the San Francisco bay, in Sausalito, they’ve been designing and making ceramics since the 1950′s, continuing to produce a lot of the line of ceramics first designed by Heath Ceramics’ founder, Edith Heath, while also innovating and produce seasonal lines. It’s an awesome company.   About 5 years ago, when Heath Ceramics first started stocking Skinny laMinx tea towels and napkins, they asked me to design a graphic for their tote bag, which is still available for sale. Every time I get a Heath Ceramics newsletter and I see what exciting projects they’re working on,… Continue reading


Making Friday: Getting organised

I started sorting through my piles of sketchbooks last week, categorising images, ideas and inspiration pics. It feels like that time of year, doesn’t it? If you’re interested, I’ve started a Tumblr page where I’ve been posting pics of my sketches and other side projects. Take a look here


Artfully Embroidered

Way back in 2008, when Skinny laMinx was but a babe, I spent lots of time making papercuts in my studio. Some found a purpose (that Pincushion papercut certainly proved its worth!), but most of them ended up in a drawer. So I really was super thrilled to find one of them being given a fresh purpose thanks to Japanese embroidery artist Naoko Shimoda, who has released a book of her beautiful embroidery projects, with an embroidered version of one of my papercuts on the cover! The book has been released in Japan, Taiwan and Mainland China. I have a copy of the Japanese… Continue reading


Furoshiki with a tea towel

In yesterday’s post about multi-teatowel-tasking, I mentioned the idea of using a tea towel to wrap a gift, furoshiki-style, and here are DIY step-by-step instructions letting you know exactly how to do it (using, in this case, the When Everyone Came To Tea tea towel in rosebud): Step 1: With the print facing down, fold the tea towel into a square. Place the gift in the centre of the tea towel. Step 2: Take the corner labelled C and fold it to the centre, across the box. Step 3: Take the corner labelled A and fold it to the centre, over… Continue reading



We’ve been thinking about it, and you know, tea towels are not just for drying the dishes. They can do lots of other things too. Yes, they can multitask. Heck, they are the masters of multi-teatowel-tasking! Here are a couple of jolly good ideas for what else to do with your tea towels: Multi-teatowel-tasking #1: Tie one around your waist with a belt as a makeshift apron.   Multi-teatowel-tasking #2:  Frame it! This is our Stig tea towel framed in a readymade frame I bought at Country Road.   Multi-teatowel-tasking #3: Use a tea towel as a tray cloth. The 100% cotton hopsack is very… Continue reading