We’ve hand-picked a stack of inspiring design books from our local book distributor, Peter Hyde. These books are for sale in our shop at 201 Bree Street, and they’re a yummy mix of interior design, art, and marvellously inspiring encyclopedias of prints and patterns. Feast your eyes, then come in and see for yourself.


Creative Family Home by Ashlyn Gibson
The New Bohemians by Justine Blakeney
Print & Pattern Geometric by Bowie Style
The New Artisans by Olivier Dupon

We currently only have one copy of each book available in the shop. Do get in touch with our shop manager Janine if you’re not in Cape Town and would like to get your hands on any of them.

Samuel Zeller 01

BEST THINGS: Samuel Zeller

A learned something new last year, when we replaced a couple of windows in a small enclosed balcony with that pleated / lined / fluted glass I’ve always loved. It’s called ‘reeded’ glass, and I love looking through it at the tree outside, because of the way it breaks up shapes and colours. Photographer  Samuel Zeller has been photographing the winter garden of the Geneva Botanical Gardens through textured glass, so although he might appreciate our  two little panes of reeded glass, I think his images throw them somewhat in the shade. More images by Samuel Zeller here.

03 week Thrift Store sighting

Thrift store sighting

I must admit that for some time, I’ve been anticipating the experience of seeing my work in a thrift store / jumble sale, and wondering how to prepare myself for this. But this weekend it actully happened: I got an email from Steve Basile, who had spotted one of my Mountain Garden screenprints that I made in an edition of 20 way back in 2008, using three of my papercuts. (see the original here). The amazing part is that Steve spotted this in a thrift store in Minneapolis, recognised it as my work, and took the time to take a photo and to send it… Continue reading


Skinny goes to Europe

Did I mention what’s happening next? Skinny goes to Europe for a big fat 22 days! Here’s what’s on the cards: 18 – 29 June I’ve got 11 whole days in Lisbon, where I’ll be in a patterned-out haze with the Ace Camps group, learning and teaching all about azulejos, and taking frequent breaks to pop yet another pasteis de nata in the old cake hole. 29 June – 8 July After 10 days in Lisbon, I’ll head off to Amsterdam, to meet up with Marian Counihan, our European distributor. I’m really looking forward to spending time with her and getting to visit our stores… Continue reading


Chapel x Skinny laMinx

I went to high school at a Methodist girls’ school, where we went to chapel every morning, where we prayed for peace, goodness and beauty in the world. Now it seems that local bagmaker Chapel has answered those prayers, creating a marriage made in heaven between Skinny laMinx prints and their ever-popular backpack called The Rider. Snag yourself one of these limited edition Riders in our Pebble, Bowls or Woodpile prints at the Chapel shop in the Woodstock Exchange, or drop them a line if you’d like to place an order by mail. Don’t delay though: A match made in heaven doesn’t happen every day! PS: Credit for… Continue reading


New products 2016

Do I say “thrilled to bits” a lot? Well, that’s because I’m often thrilled to bits, and today I’m particularly thrilled with our brand new product catalogue, full of yummy cushions, table runners, soft buckets, totes, and… well, take a look inside the catalogue to see more more more! Like what you see? Find it all in our Cape Town shop, or visit the NEW PRODUCTS section in our online  shop. Shop in ZAR Shop in USD

Hand In Hand cover

BEST THINGS: Adler & Ackermans

On the way back from LA last year, I bought a book with the rather unwieldly title of Hand-in-Hand: Ceramics, Mosaics, Tapestries, and Woodcarvings by the California Mid-Century Designers Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman, in the hopes that I might hang onto some of that California Modern vibe. I hadn’t heard of Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman before, but they had me at the foreward, where one of my contemporary design and retail heroes, Jonathan Adler, wrote the following: “…there are people such as Charley Harper, Alexander Girard, and Charles and Ray Eames… who somehow, by some mystical, magical process, have maintained teh explosive, uninhibited,… Continue reading



Although Bofred was only started in 2014, their beautiful furniture, lights and other designs have been spotted all over local interiors mags. I liked what they’re doing so much that I approached them to include one of their furniture pieces in the BRISE SOLEIL Lookbook. Owners Carla Erasmus and Christa Botha had two of their Slipper chairs available, and we chose to re-cover them in the Breeze print, in petrol, as well as in the re-issued Brancusi Stripe, in shell pink. Both turned out beautifully! In fact, we used even more Bofred pieces in the Lookbook, with the Moa light and Twins mirror adding the finishing touch to… Continue reading