All week I’ve had pots of yellow paint out and yellow brushes drying, as I prepped for my brand new shop window, and today I put all the bits together. The yellow circle, of course, is to celebrate that Cape Town is this year’s World Design Capital.

Looking forward to seeing what the year 2014 holds for our city, and looking forward to doing LOTS of FABULOUS windows*, all year long.





*I simply love doing my shop windows, and one of my major frustrations is when I don’t have time to plan and execute them as well as I’d like. Today’s window has been a few days in the making, and I love this ‘behind the scenes’ kind of stuff. My undergraduate degree was in Drama, majoring in Theatre Arts and Directing, and I love to think of my shop window as my own little theatre. At the time of studying, while I loved everything about Drama, and it did a huge amount for my confidence, I didn’t ever have any real dreams of working in the Theatre, and in a way, I thought it was a bit of a whim. But now I have my stage set to design and execute once a month (complete with lighting!), it tickles me to think that my Drama degree had career value after all. Here’s to 2014 being full of lots of time to plan and make excellent windows all year long. 


    • Thanks, Cara! It is a small space, and is annoyingly divided by sectioned wood-framed windows, but I always feel that limitations help generate ideas!
      Have a great weekend,

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