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  • Skinny laMinx Headboards Diamond Fog

    We have headboards

    Our plan for 2018 is to make Skinny laMinx the most helpful place you’ve ever been. So, not only do we have loads of fabric choices, we’ll also help you complete the home decoration project that you’ve been hatching. First, it was lampshades made to order, then we introduced chairs in your choice of fabric, …

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  • ecoladrillo

    How to make EcoBricks

    The drought and hardcore water restrictions have made me super thrifty about everything. I’ve been recycling for years, but it’s only when I found out about EcoBricks (thanks to kind readers responding to this post) that my eyes really opened to how much waste I generate. Ecobricks are plastic bottles stuffed with non-recyclables, turned into …

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  • Libermanns Pottery

    Out & About: A visit to Liebermann’s

    While I might have been a semi-conscious human for much of the 70’s, I seem to have managed to absorb that era pretty deeply into my being. I mean, I do macrame, pottery, and I’m learning to weave, too, ffs!  This probably explains why I was happy to spend a solid hour of my Tuesday …

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  • We’re still Skinny . . . but so much BIGGER!

    In 2011, I opened a shop at 201 Bree St. You may already know the tale, but if not, and you’re up for a history lesson, read more here. That narrow little shop has served us very well, but six years later, Bree St has grown up a lot, and so has Skinny laMinx, so it’s …

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  • Jason Bakery

    Friends & Neighbours: Jason Bakery

    All those bums on Jason’s Bakery’s seats show that Skinny laMinx fabrics can take a beating!

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  • Airbnb

    Astrid’s AirBnB empire

    Take a tour of Astrid von Brucken’s stylish clutch of AirBnB apartments in Cape Town (full of Skinny laMinx, of course)!

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  • Louis V

    The Louis Vuitton City Guide

    We’re thrilled to be featured in the latest Louis Vuitton Cape Town City Guide.

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  • Theweekender Cover

    In the Press: The Weekender

    German magazine The Weekender has a 16 page Skinny laMinx feature in issue 22.

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  • Lookbook Saks Sofa

    Friends & Neighbours: Saks Corner

    I love this quote from Dan Saks of Saks Corner, who we collaborated with when putting together the BRISE SOLEIL Lookbook. Our businesses have been growing side-by-side over the past few years, and I’ve always loved Dan’s sweetly quizzical air that also comes across in the things he makes and sells at Saks Corner. I dropped in at …

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